Take-Away Menu


  • 66 Snacks de luxe 小 食
    Sweet fried spinach, prawn chips and wallnuts
  • 66 Appetizer 三 色 小 食
    Cucuber marinated in sesame oil and chili, salad
    With red onions, red cabbage and seaweed


  • 154 Fois Gras & Duck Breast 特 色 鹅 肝
    Lightly fried slice of goose liver and duck breast
    on a slice of Mantal
  • 170 Lightly-Fried Black Cod and Shrimp 酱 烧 黑 鳕 鱼
    Lightly fried black cod with prawns
  • 112 Mi Xiang Gu 蜜 香 骨
    Grilled spare ribs

Dim Sum

  • 104 Crispy Spring Rolls 小 春 卷
    Crispy spring rolls with duck, chicken and prawn
  • 113 Gau Ji 饺 子
    Steamed and pan fried dumplings filled with Wagyu beef
  • 104 Siu Mai 燒 賣
    Chicken & prawn dumpling. Served with a soy-chili sauce
  • 83 Crispy Fried Wan ton 炸雲呑
    Mixed with chicken and scampi
  • 105 Scampi roll 銀絲虾卷
    Roll with scampi
  • 126 Fried Scallops 酥炸帶子
    Deep fried scallops, rolled Served with lobster
    cream chili sauce
  • 105 Crab Claws 炸 蟹 鉗
    Crispy crab claws made of scampi and crab meat
  • 83 Ga Li Kow 咖 喱 饺
    Curry marinated beef and onion, wrapped in deep fried filo pastry
  • 83 Ham soi kok 咸 水 角
    Fried small gluten rice buns filled with deer
  • 83 Ha Do Si 蝦 多 士
    Deep fried prawns Served with mango-olive oil

Main Dishes


  • 280 Adventure of the Sea 四 川 海 上 霸 王
    Fried half lobster and seafood spear with vegetables in lobster sauce
  • 245 Tiger Scampi – Asian Style 帶 子 巨 虎
    King crab and scallops with black beans, oyster sauce, ginger garlic
  • 280 When mountain meets the water 山水有相逢
    Half lobster with sea bass and prawns. grilled chicken beside
  • 226 Fried Seabass 醬汁全海鱸
    Whole fried fish in an Asian chili sauce


  • 188 Pok Fu Lam Lam 酥 皮 羊 肋 排
    Marinated lamb off the bone, and a spicy hoi sin sauce
  • 182 Gongbao Chicken 宮 保 雞 丁
    A famous chicken dish straight from Szechuan to tempt your taste buds
  • 226 Braised duckbreast in slices 蜜 椒 鴨 片
    Braised duck breast in a honey chili sauce
  • 193 Pang pang beef 棒 棒 牛 肉
    Pan-fried strips of beef served in a sweet soybean sauce
  • 193 Gong Cio Ao Jo Si 乾燒牛肉絲
    Pan dry-fried beef with strips of vegetables and Szechuan vinegar sauce
  • 243 Tin tin hot pot 天 天 火 煲
    Scallops, shrimp, filet of young beef, and vegetables in a casserole dish
  • 243 Szechuan chilipepper Kam-Kon-Pot 錦 江 煲
    Shrimp, lamb, chicken, beef and Asian vegetables in garlic, chili pepper sauce
  • 265 Grilled Tenderloin 炭 燒 牛 柳
    Served with shitake mushroom, asparagus and sukiyaki pepper sauce
  • 417 Crispy Duck (main course) 香 酥 鴨
    Crispy duck with Chinese-style pancakes, vegetables and Hoi Sin sauce

    1/2 duck for 2 persons


  • 170 Lobster salad 龍 蝦 沙 拉
    Half a freshly boiled lobster with Asian dressing.
  • 170 Crispy duck salad 香 酥 鴨 沙 拉
    Served with orange sauce and hoi sin sauce

Vegetarian dishes

  • 169 Sprø fristelser 素 裏 紅 妝
    A combination of the best seasonal vegetables. Served in two different styles: tempura
    and wok-fried with ginger


  • 25 Man Tal
    Deep fried Chinese white bun, a side very well suited to the Szechuan dishes in addition to rice
  • 82 Fried rice 炒饭
    Great side for Szechuan dishes
  • 82 Fried Noodles 炒面
    Great side for Szechuan dishes