Lunch menu


  • Per person
  • 269,- Dim Sum Set Menu G SK PN SY NØ SEM SK&B 點 心 套 餐
    A collection of six different steamed and fried Dim Sum, served with noodles and salad
    This menu is for two or more people, served with a traditional Chinese tea
  • 195,- This week`s Lunch Box G SK PN SY NØ SEM SK&B E 本週午餐盤
    Contains six small dishes consisting of salad, meat, rice or noodles, 2 dim sum
    and seafood. Please ask your server about this week’s contents
  • 165,- Today`s Fish and Seafood soup G SK&B FK SK 川味海鲜濃湯
    Day of the seafood soup



  • Per person
  • per.p 235,- Dim Sum Basket H SK PN SY SEM SKJ B E 什锦点心
    Nine different types of steamed and crispy Dim Sum with a complementing soup.
  • 95,- Siu Mai H SK SY SEM 燒 賣
    Steamed pork & seafood dumpling.
  • 95,- Ha Kau H SK SY SEM 蝦 饺
    Dumplings with pork and scampi.
  • 95,- Spring rolls SK SY SEM E FK H 小 春 卷
    Three tasty spring rolls.
  • 105,- Lung Ha Kau H SK SEM 龍 蝦 餃
    Dumplings with lobster and pork.
  • 99,- Crispy Tai Ha roll H SK SEM 銀絲虾卷
    Crispy noodles with scampi and pork
  • 95,- Poprice scampi SK SEM 鍋 巴 米 虾
    Roll with scampi
  • 95,- So Gau (vegetarian) H SEM 翡 翠 蒸 餃
    Steamed dumplings with mushrooms
  • 99,- Char Siu So H SK SEM E 叉 燒 酥
    Butterdough filled with honey and BBQ glazed pork
  • 109,- Fried Scallops in Filo Pastry G SK PN SY NØ SEM SK&B 酥炸帶子
    Deep fried scallops, rolled in filo pastry. Served with cream chili sauce.
  • 105,- Crab Claws H SK SEM 酥炸蟹鉗
    Crispy crab claws made of scampi and crab meat
  • 95,- Ham soi kok G SY SEM 咸 水 角
    Fried small gluten rice buns filled with deer meat.
  • 95,- Ha Do Si H SK SEM 蝦 多 士
    Deep fried prawns and chicken.
  • 99,- Gau Ji H SY SEM 和 牛 煎 餃
    Steamed and pan fried dumplings filled with Wagyu beef.
  • 85,- Crispy Fried Wan ton H SK SEM E 炸雲呑
    Mixed with chicken and scampi
  • 88,- Ga Li Kow H SY SEM 咖 喱 饺
    Curry marinated beef and onion in deep fried filo pastry.



  • 75,- Snacks Deluxe H SK VAL CASH 小 食
    Fried spinach, prawn chips and glazed walnuts
  • 26,- Man Tal H 炸 饅 頭
    Fried Chinese wheat bread



  • 210,- Lobster Salad H SK SY E 龍蝦沙拉
    Fresh cooked half lobster with an Asian pesto made of lemon-grass, spring-onions,
    soy, ginger and lime.
    Served with salad and Asian-style pancakes
  • 199,- Crispy duck salad H SK PN SY SEM 香酥鴨沙拉
    Served with pine nuts and sesame dressing flavored with grapefruit.


  • 98,- Szechuan Soup With Chicken SY SEM 四川酸辣湯
  • 168,- Today`s Fish and Seafood soup H SKJ B FK SK 川味海鲜濃湯



  • 169,- Fried Noodles H SK SY SEM E 雜錦炒麵
    Fried noodles with chicken, beef and shrimp.
  • 168,- Fried Rice Noodles SK SY SEM E NØ 星洲炒米
    Ricenoodles with chicken, prawns, nuts and vegetables ( a bit spicy)
  • 165,- Fried Rice in Yangzhou Style SK E
    Fried rice with prawns, beef and chicken.



  • 198,- Gong Cio Ao Jo Si SEM 乾燒牛肉絲
    Dry-fried beef with strips of vegetables and Szechuan vinegar sauce
  • 219,- Szechuan Ra Ha H PN SY SEM SKJ B
    Tiger scampi in a Tom Yum chili pepper sauce.
  • 199,- Pang pang beef SK PN SY H 棒 棒 牛 肉
    Beef tenderloin in chili bean sauce
  • 195,- Gongbao Chicken H SY CASH SEM SK 宮保雞丁
    The famous chicken dish from Szechuan. Served with cashew nuts.
  • 245,- Szechuan Chilipepper Kam-Kon-Pot H SK PN SY SEM 锦 江 煲
    Szechuan pot with prawns, beef, lamb and chicken in garlic-chili sauce.
  • 459,- Crispy Duck (1/2 and for 2 personer ) H SK PN SY SEM 香 酥 鸭
    Fried soy-braised duck served with pancakes, sliced cucumber, spring
    onions and hoi-sin sauce.


  • 189,- Tofu Pot H SY SEM 椒 豆 腐 煲
    The best seasonal vegetables with Tofu in spicy Sichuan pepper sauce.
  • 179,- Wokked watered spinach with garlic 通 菜
  • 168,- Wokked Shanhai Pak choi 唐 菜



  • 6 cl wine Dish
  • 119,- 99,- Exotic Norway MK SUL H SEM N
    Vinforslag: Villa Dria Petit Manseng
    Deep fried banana with a scoop of ice cream
  • 119,- 98,- Today`s ice cream and sorbet E MK SUL H SEM
    Vinforslag: Petit Guiraud 2010 Sauternes
    Three scoops of fresh sorbet and ice cream
  • 109,- 98,- Mango pudding E MK SUL
    Vinforslag: Molino Real Telmo Rodriguez, Spain
  • 85,- 78,- Petit fours E PN MK SUL H
    Vinforslag: Mas Amiel vintage Maury
  • 109,- 128,- Dinner Chocolate fondant E NØ MK SUL H SEM
    Vinforslag: Recioto della Valpolicella, Veneto Italy - 6 cl.
    Chocolate fondant Served with scoop of sorbet


  • Per can
  • 85,- Bai Long Hsu – White Dragon Pearls Jasmine 白 龙 茉 莉 珠
    Hand-rolled white tea that is dried with yasmin before rolled into small beads of tea leaves
  • 68,- Oolong med Ginseng 人 参 乌 龙
    Sweet tea with scent of magnolia and sweet ginseng
  • 88,- Lung Ching – kinesisk grønn te 龙 井
    Awarded the title "China's Famous Tea". It tastes like an extract of a juicy meadow in the spring,
    soaked in the morning dew and mixed with the scents of fertile black soil, roses and honeysuckle.
  • 180,- Pu-erh te – svart te 普 洱 茶
    Green tea exposed to post-fermentation that gives a special flavor. Powerful tea with a pleasant soil mark and sweet aftertaste.
  • 43,- Kunst te 工 艺 茶
    Silver Needle tea
    associated with small flowers. Develops in contact with the hot water. Must be experienced!
  • 62,- Jasmine No. 1 雀 舌 香 片
    Best qualities of green tea and jasmine flowers. The aroma is light and floral.
  • 88,- Rose Tea 玫 瑰 花 茶
  • 62,- Gen Mai Cha (japanese green tea) 玄 米 茶
    Best qualities of green tea and jasmine flowers. The aroma is light and floral.
  • 62,- Tit Koon Yum (green tea) 铁 觀 音
    Best qualities of green tea and jasmine flowers. The aroma is light and floral.


  • 39,- Coffee / Tea
  • 32,- Espresso
  • 39,- Double Espresso
  • 42,- Café au Lait
  • 42,- Cappuccino
  • 39,- Cortado
  • 39,- Americano
  • 39,- Decaf Coffee