• 66 Snacks Deluxe 小 食
    Fried spinach, prawn chips and glaced walnuts



  • 180 Lobster Salad 龍 蝦 沙 拉
    Fresh cooked half lobster with an Asian
    pesto made of lemon-grass, spring-onions,
    soy, ginger and lime. Served with salad and Asian-style pancakes


點 心

  • 85 Spring Rolls 小 春 卷
    Small crispy spring rolls served with an herbal-chili sauce
  • 75 Ga Li Kow 咖 喱 饺
    Curry marinated beef and onion, wrapped in deep fried filo pastry. Served with mango-olive oil
  • 99 Fried Scallops in filo pastry and sesame 酥 炸 帶 子
    Deep fried scallops, rolled in filo pastry with coriander and mushroom. Served with lobster cream chili sauce
  • 74 Ham soi kok 咸 水 角
    Fried small gluten rice buns filled with deer meat.
  • 84 Ha Do Si 鵝 肝 蝦 多 士
    Deep fried Prawns and foie gras. Served with mango-olive oil
  • 92 Gau Ji 香 煎 饺 子
    Steamed and pan fried dumplings filled with Kobe beef with wine-vinegar
  • 25 Man Tal 炸 饅 頭
    Fried Chinese white bread


主 菜

  • 189 Gong cio ao jo si 乾 燒 牛 肉 絲
    One of the specialities from Szechuan. Finely cut strips of dry-fried beef, served with vegetables strips, green asparagus and the classic vinegar sauce from Szechuan.
  • 198 Szechuan Ra Ha
    Tiger scampi in a tom yum chili pepper sauce
  • 178 Gongbao Chicken 宮 保 雞 丁
    A famous dish with chicken from Szechuan. Served with cashew nuts
  • 224 Szechuan Chilipepper Kam-Kon-Pot 锦 江 煲
    Szechuan pot with prawns, beef, lamb and chicken in garlic-chili sauce
  • 169 Tofu pot (Vegan)
  • 439 Crispy Duck (1/2 duck for 2 persons) 香 酥 鸭
    Fried soy-braised duck served with pancakes and hoi-sin sauce